The Maltese Archipelago, which consists of Malta, Gozo, Comino and two other uninhabited island, is situated in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea with Malta 93 km from Sicily and 290 km from North Africa.

The total area is 316 square kilometres (Malta 246, Gozo and Comino 2.7). The longest distance in Malta from South-East to the North-West is about 27 km and the longest distance at its width is 14.5 km in an east-westerly direction. The corresponding figures for Gozo are 14.5 km and 7.2 km.

Malta has neither mountains nor rivers, however a series of low hills with terraced fields on the slopes characterize the islands. The coastline of Malta is well indented with harbours, bays, creeks, sandy beaches and rocky coves. The length of the shoreline round Malta is 137 km and 43 km round Gozo.

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Usually open 8.30 am to 12.30 pm Mondays to Fridays and up to 11.30 am on Saturdays.

Foreign exchange facilities are available at The Malta International Airport at Gudja on a 24-hour basis all the year round and up to 4 pm at most banks.

Shops are generally not open on Sundays and Public Holidays. However the main shopping centres such as Tigne Point and Plaza in Sliema or Baystreet in Paceville may remain open until 10.00 pm including Sundays and Public Holidays. Supermarkets are open daily as well

Shops are generally not open on Sundays and Public Holidays. However the main shopping areas namely Sliema, Paceville, St Julians, Qawra, Bugibba, Mellieha, St Paul's Bay, Xemxija and St Andrews may remain open until 10.00 pm and Sundays up to noon from 1 June to 30 October.

There are open-air markets, one day a week, in most towns and villages.

The largest is the Valletta market on Sunday mornings. Major Credit Cards, Travellers' cheques and Eurocheques are accepted at most leading shops and restaurants.

Malta time is the Central European Time (CET), meaning one hour ahead of GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) but two hours ahead during summer-time, same as most capitals in Europe.

Electricity supply is 240 volts, single phase, 50 cycle. The square-fitting standard three-pin British plugs and sockets are used. Tap water is perfectly safe for drinking.

The official languages are Maltese and English. Almost all the Maltese speak English, Maltese is a semitic language written in the Roman script comprising a vast element of words of Italian, French and English origin.

Italian is also widely spoken.

Health care facilities are up to international standards and treatment is available in modern hospitals and polyclinics, as well as private doctors' clinics. EU Nationals should bring their European Health Insurance Card along. Reciprocal healthcare agreements also exist for citizens of the UK and Australia.

Malta has a state, church and private school system. State and church schools are for free. Days and boarding facilities are available in private schools and fees are the lowest in Europe.

Lessons in private schools are taught in English and the curriculum is very closely aligned to the British system.

Pupils sit for Ordinary and Advanced level examinations to qualify for entrance into the Malta University and British Universities.

Education In Malta

Sports facilities in Malta are up to international standards.

Among the new facilities one can mention the national swimming pool, an athletics track, basketball and volleyball courts, a shooting range and tennis courts.

Malta also has a horse racecourse, 18-Hole golf course, squash courts, an international standard footballs stadium and various gymnasia and health & fitness centres.

The Federation of underwater activities organises various underwater sports meetings. Ideal conditions exist in Malta for this spot.

Sports To Do When visiting Malta

Malta's public transport system offers a cheap and efficient way of going round the island.

The main bus terminus is at Valletta from where the buses operate to all parts of Malta.

The longest bus journey takes about 60 minutes; the average is between 20 and 30 minutes. The full price is to be paid directly with the bus driver, however discounts exist including for short term visitors, see various Tallinja cards.

Malta Public Transport

Yachts of various nationalities are already appreciating at first hand the available yachting amenities which include water, telephone, electricity, weather forecasts, D F Beacon, ship-to-shore radio, chart depot, supply of bottled gas, etc.

A yacht yard comprising of 9 modern slipways is in full operation and has facilities for slipping repairing converting and servicing of yachts of all sizes up to 500 tons.
Yachting Club
Malta Maritime Authority

Yachting Malta
Malta Maritime Authority

Flying Times:

Malta - London 3.05 hrs
Malta - Rome 1.15 hrs
Malta - Paris 2.35 hrs
Malta - Zurich 2.15 hrs
Malta - Frankfurt 2.35 hrs
Malta - Amsterdam 3.05 hrs
Malta - Cairo 2.25 hrs
Malta - Dubai 5.00 hrs
Malta - Sicily (Catania) 1.5 to 6 hours sailing time, depending on the craft used.