Investor Programme Malta Scheme

The Malta Investor Programme Malta Scheme enables foreign individuals and their families to acquire a Maltese passport and citizenship by contributing to the economic development of Malta.

In the right circumstances, based on the provision of the correct documentation by the applicant, the process can be concluded during a brief visit to the Mediterranean European Member State of Malta. The following are the costs to be incurred, to get her with a shortlist of the requirements for the attainment of a Maltese Passport:

1)     A monetary contribution to the Government of Malta as follows:


•                  Main applicant: Eur650,000 (of which Eur10,000 shall be paid upon submission of application and are not refundable);

•                  Spouse: Eur25,000;

•                  Children below 18 years of age: Eur25,000 per child;

•                  Unmarried children between 18 and 26 years who are still dependent: Eur50,000 per child;

•                  Dependentparentsover55yearsofage:Eur50,000perparent;


Acquiring qualifying immovable property in Malta:


•                  Either purchase a property for a minimum value of Eur350,000;

•                  Or rent at for at least 5 years at Eur16,000 per annum;


Invest the sum of Eur 150,000 in qualifying instruments (Maltese Government bonds);

Applicants must obtain a health insurance covering the applicant and all other dependents against all risks world-wide;


The due diligence fees payable to the Government of Malta are:


•                  Main applicant : Eur7,500;

•                  Spouse: Eur5,000;

•                  Children between 13 and 18 years of age: Eur3,000/child;

•                  Unmarried children between 18 and 26 years who are still dependent:  Eur5,000/child;

•                  Dependent parents over 55 years of age: Eur5,000/parent.


No other hidden costs or charges apply. Legal fees are regulated by Maltese Law at €70,000 per application.